It's Follow Friday (#ff) in twitter land, that magical day when most of twitter sends out incomprehensible tweets full of hashtags and @'s with absolutely no context. In a move borrowed from Chris Brogan, I'm going to do a Follow Friday blog post instead. That way, instead of just throwing someone's name out there, I can tell you why you should be following these people. With that, I give you #ff, the comic book edition. @deantrippe - An artist who absolutely gets what comics are about, and why they should be inspiring to everyone, young and old. He also runs the excellent Project : Rooftop blog, where people send in costume redesigns for superheroes and villains alike.

@chris_roberson - Bad-ass author who, among other things, is currently in charge of making Superman awesome again. He understands Superman in a way that few people do, and is doing an  excellentjob on the book. He's also written quite a few novels that are well worth the read.

@warrenellis - Author of Doktor Sleepless, Planetary, and many other amazing comics. Also one of my favorite comic book writers, hands down. He's got this warped way of looking at the world and interpreting what the future might look like that leads to some absolutely stunning writing. (warning: frequently NSFW)

@ToplessRobot - Head writer at my go to blog for all things nerd.